The company

PhotonLyX is a company providing technological solutions for industrial and medical sectors. We are scientists able to solve your concerns on your research and product development. We develop setups, prototypes and instruments that will help you to improve the development of any activity or production process. Our products solves different industrial aspects in the following fields:
  • cosmetics
  • food industry
  • pharmacy
  • fabric/textile
  • electronics industry
  • biotechnology and life science
Our technology send controlled light in any complex material and allows its characterization and analysis. This non-invasively and with very little energy. You will get in few second or minutes a physical-chemical analysis of your material adapted to your measurement needs. The software and result presentation can be adapted to your concern and only that. Your material can be a suspension, an emulsion, a foam, composed of micro or nano-size particles or fibers, wood, concrete, composite material, plastic, a textile fabric, a biological tissue, a plant, ….